Smart Growth News – November 5, 2012

Top stories:

Gilbert to build downtown retail, parking complex
Detroit News (MI) – November 2, 2012
Quicken Loans Inc.’s Dan Gilbert and his partners plan to build a five-story parking and retail development in Detroit — which one analyst said is a sign that Gilbert expects more companies to move into downtown.

Stop climate change: Move to the city, start walking
Salon – November 3, 2012
The best way to measure carbon is per person. Places should be judged not by how much carbon they emit, but by how much carbon they cause us to emit. There are only so many people in the United States at any given time, and they can be encouraged to live where they have the smallest environmental footprint. That place turns out to be the city — the denser the better.

Missing from presidential race: roads, bridges
Associated Press via Huffington Post – November 5, 2012
Of the many items debated in the presidential campaign, there hasn’t been much talk about planes, trains, roads and bridges. But as Superstorm Sandy reminded the world so vividly, we can’t afford to do without them. So why isn’t the nation’s transportation infrastructure a hot topic?

20 cities’ novel ideas to improve government make cut in NYC mayor Bloomberg’s $9M contest
Washington Post – November 5, 2012
In a big-city mayor’s bid to spur colleagues to think boldly around the country, 20 cities from Chicago to Springfield, Ore., are finalists in a $9 million urban-innovation contest created by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Local news:

Downtown Rising
Memphis Daily News (TN) – November 2, 2012
After previous decades of decline, the residential population in Downtown Memphis increased as well, growing by 7 percent to reach approximately 22,000 residents in 2010, according to the latest metrics compiled by the Downtown Memphis Commission. The area is primed for more growth on the horizon, say commission officials.

Alameda Co. weighs transportation plan
San Francisco Chronicle (CA) – November 3, 2012
Alameda County voters, who have a long tradition of taxing themselves to pay for transportation improvements, are being asked to double down on their investment.

Could downtown Denver be the next Silicon Valley?
Denver Post (CO) – November 5, 2012
The Downtown Denver Partnership and other organizations and companies known more for serving big business interests recently spent tens of thousands of dollars on a week-long party for the likes of 25-year-old David Meyer.

Brownfield program targets sites for development
The News-Gazette (IL) – November 4, 2012
On a recent inspection of a former iron works facility in Hoopeston, Vermilion County Health Department inspector Adrianna Krzywicka spotted vapor spewing from a barrel.

Honolulu’s Controversial Rail Project is Derailed in Federal Court
Hawaii Reporter – November 1, 2012
Honolulu’s controversial rail project has been derailed in federal court. This after Ninth Circuit Court Judge Wallace Tashima ruled today in v. Federal Transit Administration et al that the city violated federal law on major three counts.

Oakland shaping ‘monster’ of long-term vision plan
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) – November 5, 2012
Long-term vision plans are becoming the norm for neighborhoods, but rarely do they cross as many borders and pack so much influence as the new “Oakland 2025: A vision for sustainable living and mobility.”