Smart Growth News – November 5, 2013

America’s Bad Bike Infrastructure
Chicago Magazine – November 1, 2013
And it’s absolutely not inevitable—it’s the result of decades of confused policy, based on the essential flaw that bikes should be treated and operated like cars, being confusingly remedied.


Change Agent: DC’s City Planner Harriet Tregoning
The Washingtonian (DC) – November 1, 2013
Her vision of DC is bigger, greener, and maybe taller. But the city planner says she really just wants it to be smarter.

Pedestrian Safety Concerns Spur Rally
Las Vegas Review-Journal – November 4, 2013
The demonstrators were upset with Las Vegas City Council for a perceived lack of action in making the intersection safer.

Congress for the New Urbanism Speaker Highlights Need for New Planning, Development
Community Impact Newspaper (TX) – November 4, 2013
“What I told our tax payers is that if you do not support compact development in the right places what you’re really saying is, ‘Raise my taxes. I’ll take care of the tax load.’”

State, Charles County at Odds over Growth Plan
The Baltimore Sun – October 28, 2013
State officials are pressing Charles County to back off a disputed development plan they contend would degrade a vital Chesapeake Bay tributary and open up swaths of farmland to sprawling housing projects.

Livable, Walkable and Welcoming is the New Goal for Pascagoula
SunHerald (MS) – November 4, 2013
From Market Street to the Pascagoula River, north of Ingalls to U.S. 90, is a downtown alive with shops, eateries and friendly proprietors during the week, surrounded by bike and historic pathways, the Magnolia Birding Pier and a Riverfront Park.

BRT Advocates Urge Council To Make Friendship Heights Connection
Bethesda Now (MD) – November 4, 2013
“Cutting short this key route would sever an important transit connection between Montgomery County and D.C., putting more cars on the road and making both Bethesda and Friendship Heights less competitive locations for business.”

Land Use Ordinances Keep Prices High
The Daily Tar Heel (NC) – November 4, 2013
Before the government considers market interventions to make housing affordable, it should make market solutions legal.

What’s the Plan for Fewer Cars?
StarTribune (MN) – October 31, 2013
The idea isn’t to take all the cars off the streets. It is to make the streets safer and level the playing field for everyone.