Smart Growth News – November 6, 2012

Today’s stories:

Preserving Midtown residential gem with green energy
Model D Media – November 6, 2012
Preservationists believe in maintaining the original design, structure and aesthetic of the building. This has been a priority to Erik Nordin as well, for the past 15 years.

Report: Fossil fuels could raise global temperatures 10 degrees by century’s end
The Hill – November 5, 2012
The continued use of fossil fuels could push global temperatures 10.8 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius) higher by the end of the century, according to a report released Monday.

BeltLine fast-tracks Eastside Trail projects at Historic 4th Ward Park, bike/ped plaza at Ponce City Market
Saporta Report – November 5, 2012
In a request for proposals that are due Wednesday, the Atlanta BeltLine has spelled out an aggressive schedule for building a link from the newly opened Eastside Trail to the Ponce City Market project.

Proposal weighs registry of Memphis properties, foreclosed homes
Memphis Commercial Appeal (TN) – November 5, 2012
The proposed legislation requires the creation of a registry for foreclosed, abandoned or vacant properties. Mortgage holders would be required to inspect a property within 30 days of a notice of default, foreclosure or abandonment. Within 10 days of the inspection, the mortgage-holder or a designated agent would be required to register the property with Code Enforcement as vacant or occupied.

State panel vote may clear path for high-speed rail land deals
Fresno Bee (CA) – November 5, 2012
The state Public Works Board, which includes the directors of the state’s Finance, General Services and Transportation departments, will meet at 10 a.m. to consider streamlining the purchase of about 1,100 parcels along the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s proposed train route between Madera and Bakersfield. The 130-mile stretch would become the backbone of a statewide system connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles.

How Bike Sharing Would Have Helped New York After Sandy
Businessweek – November 2, 2012
The hassle left at least a few commuters wondering if the city’s bike-sharing program, which was supposed to begin this summer but was delayed until at least next spring, might have helped.

State pushes ahead to draft blueprints for $2.2 billion Red Line project
Baltimore Sun (MD) – November 5, 2012
Even though there’s no promise of construction money, the state is pushing ahead to draft blueprints for Baltimore’s $2.2 billion Red Line light rail project.

Opinion and editorial:

How to build a Seattle for bicyclists
Seattle Times (WA) – November 5, 2012
As cities from Portland to New York make smart public investments, they have seen bike trips grow by double digits in each of the past four years. Seattle, by comparison, appears stuck.

Sandy’s Infrastructure Legacy
National Journal – November 5, 2012
It’s time to start thinking in terms of decades rather than one- and two-year stopgaps. It’s also time to think about how a protective infrastructure would look in the wake of increasingly harsh weather around the globe.