Smart Growth News – November 7, 2012

Today’s stories:

County Sales Tax, City Gas Tax Both Fail
ABC 24 (TN) – November 6, 2012
Voters have defeated referendums for a half-cent sales tax in Shelby County and a one cent gasoline tax in Memphis.

Voters extend Metro’s tax-sharing plan
The Houston Chronicle (TX) – November 6, 2012
A referendum authorizing the Metropolitan Transit Authority to continue diverting part of its sales tax revenues for road projects passed by a wide margin Tuesday.

8 Urban Policy Ideas for Obama’s 2nd Term
The Atlantic Cities – November 7, 2012
If the next president wants to find a way to jump start innovation and entrepreneurship, consumer spending, the housing market, and yes, the creation of jobs, focusing on policy areas that strengthen America’s cities is a no-brainer, regardless of party affiliation.

State oversight panel approves contract for high-speed rail land
Fresno Bee (CA) – November 7, 2012
The state Public Works Board agreed Tuesday to a streamlined process for acquiring land for high-speed rail in the San Joaquin Valley, easing the way for negotiations to begin with propoerty owners.

City leaders target abandoned and vacant properties
WDRB (KY) – November 6, 2012
The city of Louisville is working to eliminate vacant and abandoned properties. They hope doing so will help eliminate crime and clean up the city.

Half Cent Transit Tax Passes In OC, Rural Areas Overwhelmingly Vote No
Chapelboro (NC) – November 6, 2012
On Election Night, the controversial half-cent transit sales tax easily won the vote in Orange County—but while all of Orange County’s urban precincts voted for the referendum, all of its rural precincts voted against it.

Commuter rail to be built in to U.S. 70 development
The Tennesseean – November 1, 2012
A mixed-use project centered around nearly 400 upscale apartments in Lebanon is under way, with the eventual goal to tie it all into existing commuter rail, which includes a new train stop.

Light rail referendum on track to approval in Va. Beach
The Virginian Pilot – November 7, 2012
Voters appeared likely to approve the referendum with about 62 percent of the vote indicating support for light rail, with 93 of 95 of the city’s precincts reporting, according to the State Board of Elections.

Opinion and editorial:

The next superstorm
Crain’s New York – November 4, 2012
After New York puts itself back together following Sandy’s destructive visit—a task that will cost billions of dollars—we will all have to confront a second question: how to prepare for the next superstorm.