Smart Growth News – October 24, 2013

How One DC Suburb Set a Gold Standard for Commuting
NPR – October 24, 2013
In itself, communities built around a subway line that people use to commute into a city is not unique. What’s different here is the metamorphosis, from a downtrodden suburb where everyone drives to a place where people live, walk, bike, eat, play and commute, all without ever getting behind the wheel.

Heroes of Detroit: America’s Great Comeback City
The Los Angeles Times – October 22, 2013
“What we’re seeing in Detroit is a network of business and philanthropic and civic leaders really building off these — this good platform, this solid foundation, grow businesses, attract residents.”


Developer Federal Realty Plotting Second Phase of Pike & Rose Development in Rockville
The Washington Post – October 23, 2013
Owners of strip malls, shopping plazas and auto dealerships in the Washington suburbs are tearing their properties apart and trying to create places that have most everything one would find in the span of a few city blocks, despite their location in congested suburbs.

What’s Next for All Aboard Florida in Orlando
The Orlando Business Journal – October 23, 2013
The $1.5 billion privately funded Orlando-to-Miami intercity passenger rail got another big nod this week, moving it closer to being able to start construction next year.

On Transportation Funds, Corbett Tells Lawmakers: ‘Get This Done’
The Philadelphia Inquirer – October 23, 2013
“I don’t see Democrat or Republican written on the roads or bridges; I don’t see it on the transit system. And I think that point needs to be made.”

WAVE Transit Growth is key to Wilmington’s Growth, say Three of Five Council Candidates
WHQR (NC) – October 24, 2013
“We have to stop thinking that outside of the city limits somehow it’s rural and doesn’t need public transportation. I’m sorry – take a ride up Market Street outside of the City and tell me that’s not an urban area.”

“Complete Streets” Founder Barbara McCann to Speak in St. Paul
MinnPost (MN) – October 23, 2013
The “Complete Streets” movement calls for a broader definition and use of streets in a community, making them safe and accessible for pedestrians, bicyclists, wheelchairs and motorists.

Nampa’s Lloyd Square Project Honored
Idaho Press-Tribune – October 24, 2013
The Lloyd’s Square project, sponsored by D.L. Evans Bank, earned the Redevelopment Award for its transformation from a lumber yard to the home of the Nampa’s farmers market, food truck rallies, Downtown Nampa Nights, cultural presentations, music and other events.