Smart growth news – October 3, 2012

Is urban sprawl to blame for cities going bankrupt?
KPCC’s AirTalk (CA) – October 2, 2012
Former Ventura mayor William Fulton says that large public pensions aren’t solely to blame for California city bankruptcies. Urban sprawl poses additional problems.

America’s Great Streets Named By American Planning Association
Huffinton Post – October 3, 2012
As part of the Great Places in America program, the American Planning Association has compiled a list of America’s 10 Great Streets for 2012.

The New SimCity Will Turn You Into An Urban Planning Nut
Co.Exist – October 3, 2012
The newest version of the classic city building game is introducing complex models about things like energy, health care, and transportation. But you can also still destroy your city with an asteroid.

The sad, sorry state of US roads
Christian Science Monitor – October 2, 2012
Something has to change about the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, Read writes. What would you do?

Chicago Leads U.S. Cities In Largest Influx Of Downtown Residents, U.S. Census Report Shows
Huffington Post – October 2, 2012
As more and more people head downtown in U.S. cities across the country, Chicago takes the top rank, boasting the largest numeric gain in downtown residents, according to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The Ingredients of ‘Complete Communities’
The Atlantic Cities – October 1, 2012
How do we gauge our progress toward more equitable, affordable, sustainable, and walkable communities? A new study, “Are We There Yet? Creating Complete Communities for 21st Century America,” released by the nonprofit Reconnecting America, seeks to do just this.

Local news

Startups in the Desert – Investigating the Las Vegas Downtown Project
Forbes – OCtober 2, 2012
The $350M Downtown Project is Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s vision to transform this struggling area of Las Vegas.

Suburban vision wrong for an urban park, neighbors say
Baltimore Brew (MD) – October 2, 2012
Hundreds gather to tell Baltimore officials Patterson Park should shun cars, not accommodate them.

Vacant properties on council’s radar
Cortez Journal (CO) – October 1, 2012
The Cortez City Council is considering using the assistance of the Colorado Brownfields Foundation to look at vacant properties in need of attention and that could be used to house new businesses.

Temecula City Council candidates speak out, spar over vision for city
Southwest Riverside News Network (CA) – October 3, 2012
The controversial Liberty Quarry and the proposed sustainability initiative known as Agenda 21 were among the top hot topics Tuesday evening at that Temecula City Council Candidate Forum held at City Hall.

“New, really unique neighborhood”
The Lagonian (CA) – October 2, 2012
Developers conveyed their excitement about a project that is expected to bring senior housing and boutique-style shops to the center of town even as Foster City officials continued to express reservations about major aspects of the development.

Staff gives update on county land use, planning, development plans
Carrol County Times (MD) – October 3, 2012
The price residents will pay for the “Driveway Tax” and the impact of state septic legislation are among the topics Carroll County Department of Land Use, Planning and Development staff will soon have more information on.