Southeast Florida’s seven counties join to draft 50-year plan for sustainable development

Hundreds of urban planners, civic figures, public officials and activists in Southeast Florida are working together to help better achieve the region’s multiple development goals.

The South Florida Regional Planning Council, the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, and hundreds of volunteers and residents, have come together to create a plan that addresses the common issues of the Southeast Florida super-region. The Seven50 Southeast Florida Prosperity Plan, now in its initial phase, will work with seven counties in South Florida to create a plan for growth over the next 50 years.

seeks community input on strategies to improve the region’s quality of life while developing a strong economic future. South Florida residents are already showing enthusiasm for a plan, and when a summit meeting in downtown Delray Beach last week reached its 510 person capacity, the coalition streamed video of the meeting online to allow more area residents to listen in. Michael Busha, Executive Director of the Treasure Coast Council of Local Governments, spoke to <a href="The Miami Herald about public interest in the project:

The event’s popularity reflects both a growing affinity and concern for Southeast Florida as a formerly transient or transplanted population takes root, coupled with a realization that local governments and civic groups can’t effectively tackle its problems and needs in isolation.”

The Seven50 plan’s work is made possible by a Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD is one of three federal agencies that make up the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, which coordinates federal programs and investments to make neighborhoods more prosperous, allow people to live closer to jobs, save households time and money, and reduce pollution.

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