Smart growth news – November 10

New England Chauvinism: Another Liberal Heresy From Mitt Romney’s Past
The New Republic, November 9, 2011
The past decade has seen the spread of a faith concentrated in the country’s more progressive-minded cities: the religion of smart growth…Less well known is that, as governor of Massachusetts, he was a smart-growth acolyte. He hinted at this predilection during the campaign in 2002. “Smart growth, or purposeful planning, is a concept that will be in the governor’s office if I’m elected,” he said.

Ginnie Mae Passing Freddie Mac as Second-Biggest Mortgage Funder
Business Week, November 9, 2011
For most of their existence, the government-sponsored mortgage companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been the nation’s largest backers of residential home loans. Now a distant cousin is challenging their reign.

Federal aid coming to cities to help boost smart growth in cities north of Boston
Boston Globe, November 10, 2011
The consortium’s goal is to advance equity and sustainability – principles embraced by the smart growth movement, which underscores the importance of concentrating growth in pedestrian-friendly areas with a mix of residential and commercial development. “There’s a way to grow smart in every community, whether that community is urban, suburban, or rural,’’ said Draisen. “These grants will help communities tackle a range of challenges head-on.’’