Webinar: Preventing Roadway Fatalities and Injuries (Part 4)

The American Public Health Association (APHA) is launching a 4-part webinar series in 2011 addressing the impact of transportation systems on health outcomes. From APHA:

Join us for this series that explores the intersections between health and transportation, highlights innovative state and local programs that leverage opportunities in transportation that benefit health, and explains what the future may hold for the federal surface transportation authorization.

Part 4 of the series, “Preventing Roadway Fatalities and Injuries” is on April 5 from 2pm-3pm EST. Register for the series here.

Understand the public health professional’s role in the area of roadway safety and learn of innovative programs to prevent roadway fatalities and injuries, in particular for vulnerable populations. Presentations by:

  • Sandra Viera, Prevention Institute
  • Russell H. Henk, Texas Transportation Institute, Teens in the Driver Seat Program
  • Buz Barbour, Hillsborough County Senior Zone Program

Note: if you miss any sessions, the webinars will be archived on APHA’s website here.

For questions about the series, please contact Eloisa Raynault, [email protected]