Nuclear Closure Assistance

Has a nuclear power plant been an economic driver in your local community?

Nearly 20 nuclear power sites have been or are currently being decommissioned. Between five and ten additional plants could close within the next five years. The small or rural communities that host these powerful economic engines face incredible challenges in the years to come. This new Nuclear Closure Communities Technical Assistance program, launched in October 2020, is designed to help these communities better prepare and plan for a post-nuclear power plant future. SGA has partnered with the Nuclear Decommissioning Collaborative, the Center for Creative Land Recycling, and the NADO Research Foundation to provide guidance and analysis, offer a set of tools, and build a supportive community of practice to better position the municipalities and regions bracing for this dislocation.

This work is supported by the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Research & National Technical Assistance program, which has made $13.5 million available to support communities making the difficult transition when a nuclear plant closes.

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  • (This assistance is for communities in close proximity to nuclear power plants that are actively decommissioning or scheduled to be.)
  • (If necessary)