Practical Design

Americans’ transportation habits continue to move away from the exclusively car-centric travel of the interstate era and toward the multi-modal options needed to serve an increasingly urban nation. These trends, combined with a gradual reduction in the amount of funding available to pay for transportation, are leading some state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) to look for innovative and flexible ways to meet users’ needs, that cost less to build and maintain. Smart Growth America’s Practical Design for Transportation Systems program is a comprehensive approach that helps your DOT meet and balance the changing needs of motorists, freight handlers, bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders, and other travelers in a variety of contexts.

Our Practical Solutions program helps determine strategic goals and creates performance metrics with the community that meets those goals. Many of the challenges addressed through this program have included, but are not limited to, cost-effectiveness, safety for all modes, equity, mobility, accessibility, economic development and health.

Our expert staff works with DOTs and other public agencies from across the country to demonstrate innovative practices and figure out what really needs to change in order to put these practices into action. In each state, we do that with a tailored education program involving state project managers, planners, designers and environmental managers. Our program includes best practices related to the challenge each state faces and the potential solutions that meet multiple community, regional and statewide goals and values.

If you believe like we do — that successful transportation projects cut across traditional silos to get to the heart of the problem — contact us today to speed the delivery of vital transportation projects.