A Joint Announcement from Reconnecting America and Smart Growth America

Reconnecting America and Smart Growth America boards and staff have recently completed a joint strategic planning process to evaluate how to have the most impact in advancing shared goals related to federal transportation policy reform. To that end, the boards of each organization have agreed to the full transfer of the Transportation for America Campaign, which has been jointly hosted by Reconnecting America and Smart Growth America, to Smart Growth America with the goal of consolidating the transportation policy advocacy work into one organization.

As part of this transition, Allison Brooks will become the Interim President/CEO of Reconnecting America and Managing Partner of the Center for Transit-Oriented Development. John Robert Smith will depart Reconnecting America and join Smart Growth America as Senior Policy Advisor and Co-Chair of Transportation for America. Sarah Kline will assume the role of Research Director for Transportation for America at Smart Growth America. James Corless will continue as Director of Transportation for America at Smart Growth America.

Reconnecting America will continue to serve as a premier national organization providing technical assistance at the intersection of transportation and community and economic development at all levels of government and with local partners in diverse regions across the United States.

We thank you for your continued involvement and partnership in our work. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions.

Andriana Aboriotes, Chair,
Reconnecting America
Michael K. Woo, Chair,
Smart Growth America
Allison Brooks
Interim President & CEO,
Reconnecting America
Geoffrey Anderson
President & CEO, Smart Growth America