Samantha Carr

Samantha Carr works as an intern with SGA’s Land Use and Development team. In this role, she engages with policy research and technical assistance work, including supporting the Form-Based Codes Institute, which advances zoning reform through the use of form-based codes in order to create more livable, healthy, and economically vibrant communities.

A previous GIS Analyst and cartographer, Samantha began engaging with policy research during her time with the National League of Cities, where she supported their Housing & Community development portfolio, notably the Eviction Prevention Learning Lab and associated technical assistance program. This role sparked her passion for public service and instilled a keen interest in exploring how housing policies can be utilized to create a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient future for our communities.

Prior to joining the Land Use and Development team, Samantha worked in the transportation space serving as a regional Transportation Planner with Metrolinx in Toronto, where she advanced service proposals to support the creation of a regional express bus network. She values leveraging a multi-disciplinary perspective when grappling with complex urban issues.

Samantha graduated from McGill University and holds a degree in Urban Systems.