After 55 years, it's time to invest in road preservation and repair

The Interstate Highway System turned 55 years old yesterday, and many roads across the country are showing their age. Crumbling concrete, cracks and potholes not only mean a rougher ride for America’s drivers – they pose a huge threat to the country’s transportation budget.

Repair costs rise as roads age, and deferring needed repairs means spending much more in the future. Research shows that spending $1 on repair today averts $6 to $14 of cost later, and at a time when public funding is already stretched tight the U.S. can’t afford to incur those future costs.

A new bill in the Senate would make upkeep of our roads and bridges a top national priority – and we need your help to see it through. Better investments in repair will benefit of the national budget, businesses that rely on freight and drivers everywhere.

Tell your Senators to support the Preservation and Renewal of Federal-Aid Highways Act: click here to take action.

In a report in early June, Smart Growth America and Taxpayers for Common Sense revealed that states expose themselves to huge financial liabilities by failing to adequately fund road repair and preservation. Despite this risk, many states continue to add to the road systems they are already struggling to maintain – and costs will only go up as roads age.

Prioritizing road repair and preservation will help improve road conditions while protecting state budgets from future liabilities, and now is the time to take action on this important legislation.

The U.S. can’t afford to ignore our aging roads: click here to send a letter to your Senators.

Congress has a chance to make sure that we prioritize the maintenance of our existing roads and bridges with a bill introduced recently in the Senate. With the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee expected to release their draft of the transportation bill soon, we’ve got just a few short days to signal our strong support for this important legislation.

We’ve got to do a better job of fixing what we’ve already built. Tell your Senators to sponsor this important bill.