Announcing the 2014 LOCUS Leadership Award recipient

Meea Kang, 2014 LOCUS Leadership Award Recipient.

The LOCUS Leadership Award, now in its third year, recognizes a real estate developer or investor who has demonstrated exemplary commitment to public leadership and development practice for walkable, sustainable development. Previous winners include HRI Properties, Inc. of New Orleans, LA (2013) and Forest City Enterprises of Cleveland, OH (2012).

Some of the nation’s leading developers and investors in walkable development comprised the 2014 nominees for the LOCUS Leadership Award. This year, LOCUS is proud to recognize Meea Kang, president and co-founder of Domus Development, LLC, as the 2014 LOCUS Leadership Award Recipient.

According to Amanda Eaken, Deputy Director of Sustainable Communities at the Natural Resources Defense Council, “Meea Kang has distinguished herself as an indisputable leader in the complex fields of affordable housing and smart growth. She founded Domus Development in 2003 and has spent the past decade creating and preserving affordable housing and innovative smart growth projects. Domus builds and maintains attractive, well-designed assets that promote economic and community prosperity.”

Since its founding, Domus Development has become the go-to company for local communities in California to find solutions to problems no other developer could solve. In addition to Meea Kang’s strong commitment to responsible development practices, she has become a leading advocate in public policy as a founding board member and past president of the California Infill Builders Federation, a not-for-profit organization working to control sprawl by promoting infill development. Kang is also known nationally as a leader and advocate for forming innovative partnerships to advocate for policies that promote high-quality transit-oriented, mixed-use, and mixed-income housing in communities across California.

Meea Kang is the true embodiment of the spirit and mission of LOCUS and is a worthy recipient of the 2014 LOCUS Leadership Award.

The LOCUS Leadership Award will be presented on June 18, 2014, at the Congressional Breakfast in Washington, D.C. The Congressional Breakfast is a part the annual LOCUS Leadership Summit that brings together over 100 mayors, real estate developers and investors for high-level networking and peer-to-peer education.

To learn more about the Summit, click here.

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