Ask your representative to provide real alternatives to driving & high gas prices

The picture is the same everywhere you look. You’ve been reading it here, in your newspaper, or watching it on the television nearly nonstop for the last few weeks:

Gas is expensive, driving is down, transit systems are packed.

Here in D.C., people are abandoning their cars and taking Metro in record numbers to save money and get where they need to go reliably each day. They can count themselves lucky to have that option. Most Americans don’t have options like Metro for relief. They don’t have access to convenient public transportation or live in walkable, connected neighborhoods. For years, we’ve under-invested in these solutions, and now we’re paying the price as fuel prices rise by the day and thousands or millions are wondering why they don’t have some other affordable alternative to driving everyday.

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Want to join other voices demanding better transportation choices that can help us get where we need to go every day — while saving money, conserving oil, and fighting global warming?

Urge your Congressional member to support more funding for transit, biking, and smart growth by clicking TAKE ACTION to send them a message. Write and tell your representative to sign onto a letter from Reps. Earl Blumenauer and Ellen Tauscher urging Congress to increase funding for public transit, biking, public transportation, and walkable neighborhoods in federal climate legislation.