Attention for Policy Analysis 2010: A Story of Growing Strength

Last week, we released a comprehensive report (.pdf) documenting the growing number of strong Complete Streets policies in states, regions, and local governments across the country.

While we always felt this report would be a welcome addition to the multitude of Complete Streets resources available to advocates, practitioners, and elected and appointed officials (and to those who wear multiple hats), we are grateful for the warm and wide attention it has received so far.

A cursory list of the many who took some time to note the report include:

The report was made possible through the donations of our Steering Committee, Partners, and Supporting Members.

Last week, we asked our mailing list to help us bridge a funding gap of $20,000 by June 30. Many already stepped up to help us continue our advocacy, training, and technical assistance work, and we thankful for their generosity.

If you care about Complete Streets — that is, if you care about safe, livable, green communities that provide multi-modal transportation opportunities for everyone — then please help us bridge our funding gap and make your gift by clicking this link today.

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