Howard County (MD): A collaborative effort to create Complete Streets

Howard County, Maryland carved out an identity of its own as it developed from a once largely rural county to a locus of suburban and urban growth between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD. A groundswell of local advocacy for safer streets, paired with philanthropic support and county leadership, resulted in one of the strongest Complete Streets policies the Coalition has seen.

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Smart Growth Means Accessibility: SGA Attends Disability Economic Justice Collaborative Anniversary Celebration

Inaccessibility in society often means that disabled people simply don’t have the same opportunities as their non-disabled counterparts. Barriers make something as simple as leaving the house difficult, and sometimes impossible; often leaving disabled people cut off from society. Despite being more likely to rely on public transportation, one of the biggest mobility challenges cited … Continued

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Complete Streets Leadership Academy Update: Connecticut

Many communities and State Departments of Transportation have a shared goal of creating safer streets. They recognize that without collaboration, creating a healthier, more resilient future for communities won’t happen— but what can happen to cause roadblocks to progress? Members of the SGA team were in Bristol, Connecticut in March to begin answering that question … Continued

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