From Policy to Practice: A Guide to Measuring Complete Streets Progress

How do you know if a community is benefiting from passing and implementing a Complete Streets policy? Our new guide offers strategies for effectively measuring the impact of Complete Streets. Download the full report (pdf) What happens after your community passes a Complete Streets policy? How do you know if you are achieving your community’s … Continued

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Benefits of Complete Streets: Monroe, Louisiana

Monroe, Louisiana, seeks to improve unsafe streets to benefit all users. City staff, community advocates, and the mayor are working to improve the design and conditions of the South 2nd Street corridor. Adopting Complete Streets principles and increasing access for all users can yield significant health, environmental, and economic benefits. Monroe is a city of … Continued

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What is the future of walkability in St. Louis?

As part of a technical assistance project to help local decision makers understand the needs for better mobility and craft stronger policies, I recently had the opportunity to visit and explore one of the great cities of the Midwest–St. Louis, Missouri. Like most American cities, St. Louis clearly demonstrates the impacts of design that prioritizes high-speed driving and punishes all other forms of mobility.

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Safe streets are global—and it’s time for the U.S. to catch up

Whether they’re considered Complete Streets or silver zones, other parts of the world are reimagining how streets function and are designed. The U.S. is falling behind, so in order to spur hope and inspiration of what the future of mobility can look like across the nation, we look to what is being made possible in … Continued

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