Complete Streets Leadership Academies Report

Download the full report (pdf) Traffic fatalities continue to plague communities across the U.S. with an estimated 42,795 people killed in 2022. This trauma is not experienced equally—people walking, people of color, and people in low-income communities are far more likely to be killed. But the most significant danger—especially for people walking, biking, rolling, or … Continued

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Economic Diversification Roadmap: Keeping the Economy Moving in South Central Pennsylvania (Case Study)

Three Mile Island (TMI) nuclear power plant played an integral role in stimulating the economy of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding Harrisburg metropolitan region from its opening in 1974 until its 2019 shutdown. TMI contributed approximately $1 million in annual tax revenue and an annual $60 million in payroll to the local economy. However, … Continued

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Economic Diversification Roadmap: Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal

As with any industrial facility, nuclear power plants have a limited lifespan. With respect to commercial nuclear power plants, these facilities are initially licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for a 20-year period. As reliability improves along with an increasing demand for low-carbon energy, it is likely that the lifespan of nuclear plants can, … Continued

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Economic Diversification Roadmap: The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and Nuclear Communities

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a regional planning strategy that focuses on economic development, diversification, and resilience. Taking stock of the economic impact that a nuclear power plant has on not only its host community but also the wider region, is vital in preparing for the inevitable closure of the plant. Who can … Continued

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Economic Diversification Roadmap: Smart Planning & Development in Southwest Michigan (Case Study)

The 52-year-old Palisades Nuclear Power Plant, located in Van Buren County on the scenic shores of Lake Michigan, formally closed in May of 2022 and was sold to the nuclear decommissioning company Holtec. First announced for a 2018 closure, the Palisades decision was amended, extending its operation until 2022. As Palisades provided approximately 600 well-paying … Continued

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Economic Diversification Roadmap: Looking to the Future in ‘America’s Hometown’ | Case Study

For the majority of Plymouth, Massachusetts’ 400-year history, the town has grown and thrived; now it has its eyes set on the next 400 years. Plymouth—’America’s Hometown’— holds great prominence in American history and the town has long capitalized on that brand to support its economy through tourism and hospitality. Plymouth is also home to … Continued

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Economic Diversification Roadmap: Placemaking Strategies

In nuclear communities, placemaking involves creating distinct spaces and local activities that exist independently of the local nuclear plant. Often, when these plants initially open in communities (much like other major industries), they establish a sense of identity through activities such as job creation, sponsoring community events, supporting local organizations through volunteerism, and other initiatives. … Continued

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Economic Diversification Roadmap: Housing Capacity Analysis

Determining how many and where new housing units can be built in a community is essential to supporting growth and economic development. Nuclear host communities tend to be located in rural areas, with smaller populations and fewer options for economic diversification. Supporting new, affordable housing is one strategy to diversify a local economy. Focusing development … Continued

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Economic Diversification Roadmap: Zoning Analysis

Zoning represents the foundation of development in many communities that host nuclear power plants. When planning for economic resilience and diversification, it can be very useful to evaluate your local zoning codes to determine where it is legally viable to construct new housing, businesses, and industry. This process is especially important for nuclear host communities … Continued

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