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Don Video
Click to watch the video “A New Economic Engine: Energy in the 21st Century”

Be sure to check out a recently-added video from the Center for American Progress, titled “Capturing the Energy Opportunity: Creating a Low-Carbon Economy,” including an appearance by SGA executive director Don Chen.

This video is part of a series by CAP on transforming our economy through embracing innovative clean technology — addressing climate change in such a way that invigorates our economy and creates opportunities. From their issue page on “Progressive Growth:”

At the center of this vision is a strategy to address the greatest moral and economic challenge of our time—climate change—and turn it into our greatest opportunity. Left unchecked, the economic disruption caused by climate change will sap our resources and dampen our growth. But with low-carbon technologies and clean, renewable energy, we can capture a new global market, drive American economic growth, and create green jobs for American workers, offering new skills and new earnings opportunities up and down the economic ladder.

Click Don’s picture to watch the excellent video on Youtube (video not embedded), and be sure to check out the series “Transforming America’s Economy through Clean Energy, Innovation, and Opportunity” on the CAP website.