Christopher Leinberger prepares to step down from LOCUS presidency

Next Wednesday, August 31st, LOCUS President Chris Leinberger will be handing over his current position to the next president, who will be announced in next week’s newsletter.

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Eight years ago, Chris Leinberger founded LOCUS “to advocate for sustainable, inclusive walkable urban development in our country.” Since then, he has transformed the organization from a visionary, innovative idea into a national coalition of leading real estate developers and investors.

Under his leadership, LOCUS has successfully implemented several policy changes at the state and federal level that have helped to produce economically and environmentally sustainable communities around the nation. Mr. Leinberger has also conducted extensive research on walkable, urban places in his numerous reports, including The WalkUp: Wake-Up call andĀ Foot Traffic Ahead. With these findings, the real estate industry has been better equipped to understand the social and economic value of America’s metropolitan areas.

Looking back on his time as president of LOCUS, he said, “Because of the support I have received from you all as a team, these last eight years have been so very fulfilling and have encouraged me in carrying out my duties as President.”

Although he will be stepping down from his current position, Chris will continue to actively work with LOCUS in his new role asĀ Steering Committee member, where he will continue to guide policy and advocate for walkable, sustainable development.

President Leinberger gives closing remarks at the 2016 LOCUS Summit

In regards to passing on his presidency, he said, “Given the great success we achieved together with the transportation bill last year, I felt that this is the ideal time for a new leader to take the organization to the next level.”

LOCUS would like to thank Chris Leinberger for his years of outstanding leadership to our organization and we look forward to this new, exciting chapter in LOCUS’ history!

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