Comment Roundup: Your Great Communities

A few weeks ago, we asked what you loved about your communities.  As promised, we’re highlighting some of the best or most engaging answers – though not chosen through any rigorous process.  There are plenty of really interesting comments about interesting places all over the country.  If you haven’t done so, check out all the other comments, or leave one yourself!

Leo Barak writes,

“I love Detroit and my neighborhood, West Village, because it is so unique, diverse, and fun. West Village, an historic district, is a vibrant community where the neighbors all know each other and we have gatherings regularly.

West Village is located across from Belle Isle, the largest island park in the country, and minutes from Downtown Detroit, where there is music galore. I have all types of people living in my neighborhood and I can bike everywhere. Plus, there are so many wonderful creative people that inspire me every day.”

Reynaldo Hernandez of Indiana writes,

“After crossing only one busy street less than a block from my house, I am in a great walking area by the river. enjoying great sunrises in the morning and great sunsets over the city skyline in the evening, and relishing the surprise of rarely seen waterfowl, such as coots, loons, and hooded mergansers (ducks). Walking my dog there often promotes my health.”

Joni Carley writes,

“I love that Media, PA is the first Fair Trade Town in America. Takes a special demographic to earn that title and I love that no matter what business I walk into, there’s an underlying ethic that’s deeply good and that we’ve had the political will to do well by doing good.”

Liz Johnson writes,

“I live in Trenton, NJ. I love that I live in the city and the country at the same time. Trenton is an old, historic city on the Delaware River. We have old cobbled streets and bald eagles in the same 7.5 square miles.”

And I had to laugh at this anonymous comment:

“I love being able to walk to a subway station in just 10 minutes . . . in LA!”

Happy holidays from Smart Growth America!