November 17: Incorporating Equity in Your Municipal Budget and Practices

Incorporating Equity in Your Municipal Budget and Practices

Wednesday, November 17

10:00am – 12:00pm EST

The global pandemic and racial reckoning of the past year have challenged communities to re-examine the ways in which they promote or perpetuate inequity in their policies and practices. One of the strongest indicators of a municipality’s values lies in its budget—where, how, and to whom limited resources are being distributed. During this session, expert speakers will discuss how to use equity as a fundamental framing and decision-making tool in municipal budgets, including as relevant to housing and transit. Speakers will also discuss federal and local tools, such as Massachusetts’ 2021 Housing Choice legislation, that require equitable planning for implementation.

Jan Anderson
Director of Outcome Budgeting
City of Detroit
Kristania De Leon
Co-Executive Director
Participatory Budgeting Project
Chris Kluchman
Deputy Director, Community Services
Massachusetts DHCD
Ryan Bowers