Complete Streets Chopped from Conference Bill

The Complete Streets provision included in the Senate transportation bill has been struck from the final bill during the conference process. The provision, Safety for Motorized and Non-Motorized Users, received bi-partisan support in the Senate and is based on a marker bill that received bi-partisan support in the House. However, it was included in the Commerce committee’s freight title, which had come under fire from House Republicans for unrelated reasons.

This commonsense measure would have helped ensure the safety of millions of Americans, of all ages and abilities, who use our roads while traveling on foot, in cars, and on bicycles and buses. We hope that Congress will reconsider this action, and we thank Senators Begich, Thune, Lautenberg, Carper and Harkin for their unwavering support of this provision through the conference process, as well as Representatives Matsui and LaTourette. The Coalition will continue its work for safer streets on Capitol Hill, and in the cities, towns, and states that are passing their own Complete Streets policies.

One positive note: the Highway Safety Improvement Program language in the report includes a new, more comprehensive definition of street users that is based on Complete Streets language.

The striking of the Complete Streets measure is a one disappointment among many in a bill getting mixed reviews from transportation reform advocates. Please see statements from our Coalition members for more on this large and complex bill:

Complete Streets