Complete Streets: State of the Practice – Next Wednesday!

Mark off an hour in your calendar next Wednesday, February 16 from 3:00p -4:00p ET. I’m joining Mark Cole, PE, Design Section Manager for the City of Charlotte, North Carolina for a webinar that will give an in-depth look at the latest Complete Streets best practices.

I plan to cover some of the opportunities to build partnerships around Complete Streets, including the growing role of public health agencies, and give everyone a sneak preview into the new project we’re working on at the Coalition that evaluates Complete Streets policy performance from paper to asphalt and concrete. Along the way, I’ll give some examples of best practices with a focus on what’s happened in the last year.

Mark is on the front lines of Complete Streets implementation, overseeing the effective planning, design and construction of the Charlotte’s transportation projects and programs. During the webinar, he will discuss the Charlotte experience, from the early push to move in the Complete Streets direction to the latest City Council approval Complete Streets-supportive changes to the city’s Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. He’ll give some great examples of projects Charlotte has pursued and talk about their award-winning Urban Street Design Guidelines.

The webinar is hosted by our good friends (and Steering Committee member) the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP), with additional support from America Walks, Flint Trading, Gateway Planning Group, and Josta Bike Parking Systems. APBP has applied for AICP CM credits for the hour and a certificate of attendance will be available. The webinar is a steal at just $50 per site for APBP members and $75 per site for non-APBP members. Each site license includes one phone connection (toll charges apply, or use VoIP), one Internet connection, one set of handouts for unlimited attendees in the same location, and access to the recording.

Be sure to register by February 15!

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