Interactive map of pedestrian fatalities

Use our interactive map of U.S. pedestrian deaths to find the most dangerous corridors and intersections near you. Search for your address or your town/city to see all the deaths of people walking since location data started being recorded in 2008.

Dangerous by Design 2024 finds that 7,522 people were struck and killed while walking in 2022, an average of more than 20 per day. As in previous years, we found that not everyone lives and walks with the same risk. Black and Indigenous Americans, older adults, and people walking in low-income communities die at higher rates and face higher levels of risk compared to all Americans. Our nation’s streets are dangerous by design, designed primarily to move cars quickly at the expense of keeping everyone safe. Unfortunately, this crisis will continue to get worse until those in power finally make safety for everyone who uses our roads a top priority.

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