DOT, HUD Give State and Local Agencies More Flexibility on FHWA Projects

In an effort to enhance livability and sustainability initiatives, DOT and HUD have created a new process that removes conflict between HUD and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) contracting requirements. The initiative was published in today’s Federal Register.

From the Federal Register notice…

Under this initiative, the FHWA will utilize Special Experimental Project No. 14 (SEP-14) to permit, on a case-by-case basis, the application of HUD requirements on Federal-aid highway projects that may otherwise conflict with Federal-aid highway program requirements.

The purposes of this SEP-14 initiative is to evaluate the contracting efficiencies and impacts on competition in harmonizing conflicting FHWA and HUD contracting requirements, and to further the goals of the DOT, HUD, and EPA partnership on sustainable communities.

Read the Federal Register notice here.

Read the DOT press release here.