Five things to read and share during #InfrastructureWeek

This morning kicked off this year’s Infrastructure Week, a chance for political leaders and advocates to talk about how to make our nation’s roads, bridges, sidewalks, water, and digital infrastructure better for everyone.

Looking for ways to get involved? Here are five things to read and share this week:

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1. Two big moves for safer, more complete streets

Federal Highway Administration has a lot of influence over our nation’s infrastructure, and last week the agency made two big moves to clear the way for states, metro areas, and local communities to use federal dollars to design safer, more complete streets. Read more >>

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2. Mapping structurally deficient bridges

Do you drive across a bridge each day? There’s a good chance it’s structurally deficient. That’s according to The Fix We’re In For, our report about bridge conditions across the country. Find structurally deficient bridges in your area with our interactive map or get an overview of the national findings with this infographic.

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3. Reducing upfront infrastructure costs

Did you know that smart growth development costs one-third less in upfront infrastructure? In our 2013 report Building Better Budgets, we surveyed 17 studies comparing different development scenarios and found that smart growth development costs less upfront and in ongoing delivery of services, and it also can generate up to 10 times the tax revenue for municipalities.

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4. Designing and building better streets

Complete Streets are one great way to make the most of our existing infrastructure, and earlier this month the National Complete Streets Coalition held a webinar all about Complete Streets implementation and design. If you weren’t able to join us for that event, check out the recorded webinar on our blog.

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5. New resources coming soon about transit-oriented development

Transit-oriented development can help communities get the most out of their infrastructure investments, and the Transit-Oriented Development technical assistance initiative, a project of the Federal Transit Administration in partnership with Smart Growth America, will provide state and local leaders with new ideas, resources, and capacity for building transit-oriented development. Sign up to be notified when the new website launches later this spring.

Whether you walk, bike, or drive to work, rely on freight shipments, or want to see public funds be spent in better ways, infrastructure matters to us all.

I hope you find these resources useful and worth sharing. Happy #InfrastructureWeek!

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