Geoff Anderson to testify before Congress today in favor of a crucial tool for redeveloping contaminated and abandoned land

Yards Park in Washington, DC was built on the site of a former brownfield. Photo via Flickr.

Geoff Anderson, President and CEO of Smart Growth America, will testify before Congress this afternoon in favor of the BUILD Act, a bipartisan plan for helping communities clean up old brownfields (polluted former industrial sites) and abandoned land, and return them to productive use for communities across the country.

The testimony will be before the Senate’s Environment and Public Works Committee at 2:00 PM today, as part of a hearing titled “Cleaning Up and Restoring Communities for Economic Revitalization.” The hearing will likely be viewable online as a stream. for a link on the Committee’s website later this afternoon.

The potential for economic revitalization in communities large and small has been covered at length here on the blog. Like the first financially self-sustaining nursery constructed on a brownfield in the United States in Rhode Island, affordable housing the Bay Area, and a former railyard that became a community focal point in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Voice your support

The BUILD Act would be a vital new tool to help local communities turn old contaminated or wasted land into productive places once again.

Listen to the testimony from Geoff Anderson this afternoon and if you like what you’ve heard, speak out in support of the BUILD Act today.