Governors' Institute praised for contributions in Delaware

Since 2001, Governor Ruth Ann Minner has been blazing a path for the First State by advocating an agenda known as Livable Delaware — designed to slow sprawl, guide growth to appropriate areas, preserve open space and promote high-quality redevelopment. She is one of many governors who have embraced the power of the state government and budget to help shape the rules of the development game.

The Governors’ Institute on Community Design, made possible by the funding sponsorship of the US EPA and the National Endowment for the Arts, exists to equip governors with the training, knowledge and technical advice they need to realize their ambitious agendas. Last week, the Institute and their panel of experts traveled to Delaware for what has become the centerpiece of the GICD — a multiple-day workshop with the Governor, cabinet, and high-level staff where they discussed recommendations and policies to help advance and continue a strengthened Livable Delaware agenda into the future.

The two-day workshop was praised by Governor Minner in a press release from her office: “After seven years of hard work, this workshop was a great reminder that we have very powerful laws and tools already at hand, but our guests also made a series of valuable and actionable recommendations to improve our efforts now and beyond this administration.”

Learn more about the work of the Governors’ Institute, and read the press release from Governor Minner.  Also Governor Parris Glendening wrote about the Institute on his blog at the PLANetizen Interchange.