How much could your town save?

The Gulch

Local leaders across the country have already built their way to better budgets.

Dozens of municipalities have compared development scenarios and the impact they would have on public finances. Nearly as many places have found that they could save money—and increase revenue—by using smarter development strategies.

How much can other communities expect to save with these strategies? And how much revenue, on average, does smart growth development generate compared to the alternatives?

Next week Smart Growth America will release new research that answers these questions. The new report collects local studies from across the country and will unveil new analysis on how smart growth strategies would impact an average municipality’s budget.

Join us for an online discussion next week
To accompany the report’s release Smart Growth America will host an online panel discussion about the findings on Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT.

Municipal leaders, members of the press and advocates are invited to join the call and participate. You can also follow the conversation on Twitter at the hashtag #BuildBetterBudgets.

Speaking on the call will be Rick Bernhardt, FAICP, CNU-A, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Nashville-Davidson County, TN, Planning Department; William Fulton, Smart Growth America’s Vice President of Policy and Research; and Chris Zimmerman, Member of the Arlington County, VA, Board.

Every town and city can use this new research to inform decisions about where and how to build. Join the discussion next week to hear from local leaders using these strategies and what other places can do to build better budgets.