HUD Sec Donovan Talks About the Partnership on the WH Blog

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan took to the White House Blog to talk about the importance of and goals of the Partnership for Sustainable Communities.

He wrote…

For all the implications of “sprawl”—from job loss, economic decline and segregation, to obesity, asthma rates, to climate change and our dangerous dependence on foreign oil—all of them share by one fundamental problem: the mismatch between where we live and where we work. Whatever else we do to address these problems, America must find a way to connect housing to jobs.

When it comes to housing, environmental and transportation policy, the Federal government must speak with one voice. [The Partnership] is an example of how we’re changing the way we do business across the Administration – working not at cross purposes in our silos, but together, in common purpose.

Read Secretary Donovan’s entire post here.