Ideas for creating better DOTs at Good Jobs, Green Jobs 2013

How can state departments of transportation (DOTs) cut costs while creating better transportation choices and creating quality jobs?

That’s what Smart Growth America’s Vice President Roger Millar will discuss at this year’s Good Jobs Green Jobs conference, on April 16, 2013 in Washington D.C. Joining Millar for a panel discussion called “Not Your Father’s DOT” will be Eric Sundquist, Managing Director, Smart State Transportation Initiative and Douglas Shinkle, Senior Policy Specialist, National Conference of State Legislatures.

Many state DOTs face falling revenues but rising demand for services. In response to these challenges, DOTs across the country are changing the way they do business. Agencies are taking new approaches to transportation that fit the unique demands of their states and that provide greater benefits at less cost. They are improving existing services in the short term and planning effectively for the long term. They are adopting innovative yet pragmatic reforms. They are reevaluating and retooling traditional practices to ensure that those practices continue to provide users with a robust, economically beneficial transportation network.

The panel will discuss many of the ideas and strategies outlined in the 2012 report The Innovative DOT, written by Smart Growth America and the Smart State Transportation Initiative. Building on the themes above, The Innovative DOT provides 31 recommendations transportation officials can use as they position their agencies for success in the new economy. The handbook documents many of the innovative approaches state leaders are using to make systems more efficient, government more effective and constituents better satisfied.

Join “Not Your Father’s DOT” at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference
Join us at Good Jobs, Green Jobs for this informative panel. Workshop participants will learn about the work of governors, state legislatures, and DOTs are working towards reform and efforts to leverage these successes nationwide.

The 2013 Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference will bring labor union members, environmentalists, business owners, community leaders and elected officials from across the country together in one place for the country’s largest dialogue on how to build a cleaner, more efficient American economy. Find out more and register today.