Introducing "Amazing Place"

For decades, local economic development has revolved around enticing companies to relocate with tax breaks and subsidies. There are a lot of problems with this approach, but perhaps the biggest is that today, it’s a strategy that often simply doesn’t work.

A new trend in local economic development is emerging. Talented workers—and the companies who want to employ them—are increasingly moving to walkable neighborhoods served by transit, with a vibrant mix of restaurants, cafes, shops, cultural attractions, and affordable housing options.

Communities have taken notice of this, and many are getting out in front of it.

Amazing Place: Six Cities Using the New Recipe for Economic Development is our newest report out today that takes a closer look at six cities putting this approach into action.

Boise, ID; Denver, CO; Greenville, SC; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; and Pittsburgh, PA are using a variety of smart growth strategies to create neighborhoods which are in turn attracting new residents, supporting existing businesses, and growing new ones.

Learn how these cities are doing it and how your city can do it, too in our new report.

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Want to pick the brain of someone who has created an amazing place? Join us for a live, online kickoff discussion all about the new report today at 1:00 PM EDT.

Representatives of Denver, Greenville, and Pittsburgh will be joining us to detail the opportunities and challenges associated with this work. And listeners will have a chance to ask questions about their own projects. Register to join this afternoon’s event >>

We’ll also be sharing tips and facts throughout the day on Twitter at the hashtag #AmazingPlace. Share your ideas and questions there, and be sure to download the new report.

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