Jersey City, Birmingham, and Raleigh win new workshops for revitalization without displacement

Birmingham, AL’s Woodlawn neighborhood will be the focus of Smart Growth America’s new partnership with that city. Photo via.

Communities large and small are looking for ways to create prosperity that everyone can participate in. Smart Growth America’s new Planning for Successful and Equitable Revitalization program is designed to help.

In partnership with PNC, this new addition to our technical assistance offerings will help communities revitalize successfully and capture benefits from the revitalization process for families of all income levels.

The initial round of this new assistance was available by invitation only for civic leaders working to revitalize neighborhoods in ways that benefit and include low- and moderate-income communities. Today, we’re excited to announce the three communities that will receive this first round of assistance.

In Birmingham, AL, we’ll work with REV Birmingham to help independent retailers and small businesses in the Woodlawn neighborhood remain in their existing locations and expand their offerings as the area grows. To do that we’ll conduct an assessment of needs, challenges, and market opportunities for existing neighborhood businesses, as well as develop marketing materials to help recruit diverse and complementary businesses that will serve the community.

In Jersey City, NJ, we will help the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency identify the obstacles low- and moderate-income applicants face when trying to find housing, and will develop a methodology for a supply/demand analysis for naturally occurring low-moderate income housing. While housing in low-income neighborhoods may appear easily accessible, there is sometimes a shortage of such housing, particularly as development pressures mount.

And in Raleigh, NC, we’ll work with the Department of City Planning to create equitable development around planned bus rapid transit stations, helping the City revitalize neighborhoods around station areas as well as make sure the new service accommodates and understands the concerns for long-term residents.

“I have always been committed to the idea that though we have several unique neighborhoods here. At the end of the day, we are one united Jersey City,” said Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop. “In fact it’s exactly the cultural diversity and interaction between these different neighborhoods that give this City its overall vibrancy. So, I’m committed to maintaining and protecting that diversity, and that includes protecting long-time residents even while we encourage new development.”

“The Wake County Transit Plan proposes to bring frequent bus rapid transit service to some of Raleigh’s lowest-wealth communities,” says Ken Bowers, Director of City Planning for the City of Raleigh. “With the plan approved by the County, now is the time to ensure that these investments benefit rather than displace households and families who stand to gain from the increased access and mobility improved transit service will provide.”

Smart Growth America is proud to be working with The PNC Foundation, which receives its principal funding from The PNC Financial Services Group (NYSE: PNC), to make this initial round of assistance possible.

Does your community need help preventing or addressing displacement?

Our Planning for Successful and Equitable Revitalization work joins a robust list of technical assistance available to communities from Smart Growth America. If your community is looking for help revitalizing in ways that are inclusive and equitable, contact Erika Young to learn more about what we offer.

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