Join Smart Growth America at the 2012 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

After celebrating its 10th anniversary last year in Charlotte, NC, the New Partners for Smart Growth conference begins its second decade back where it started in San Diego, CA. Sun, Surf, and Smart Growth: The 11th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference from February 2-4, 2012 will bring together participants and speakers who cross disciplines to share experiences and insights, and valuable tools and strategies to make smart growth strategies a reality.

Members of Smart Growth America’s knowledgeable staff will be among the many speakers at this year’s conference. Join us to learn about: Smart Growth for Clean Water; Infill Development Strategies for Small Cities; Achieving the Prosperity Benefits of Transit and Smart Growth; Not Your Father’s DOT: Progressive Trends in State Transportation Policy; Leveraging Smart Growth Solutions to Build Political Support; Area-wide Planning: Innovations at the State, Local, and Federal Level; Smart Valley Places — Taking Advantage of the Great Reset; Facing the Critics; and Implementing Green Infrastructure: Creative Approaches to Reducing Regulatory and Financial Barriers in Rural and Urban Communities.

These strategies are relevant now more than ever. According to Christopher Leinberger, President of LOCUS: Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors, “Smart growth is what the market is demanding, promotes the knowledge economy, is more affordable for both municipalities and households, and will be a major contributor to solving our environmental challenges.”

2012’s conference features engaging pre-conference events, exciting tours of model projects, in-conference networking forums, and more than 100 diverse, cutting-edge sessions spanning three full days. Visit for more information about the conference and to register.

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