Join us for the launch of "Amazing Place"


For decades, if a community wanted to increase jobs, the go-to approach was to offer companies tax breaks and subsidies to relocate there.

This approach has lots of downsides. But perhaps the biggest problem for economic development officials now is that too often, this strategy simply doesn’t work.

Companies today are less interested in tax breaks and more interested in vibrant neighborhoods with affordable housing options, restaurants, nightlife, and other amenities in walking distance, and a range of transportation options for their employees.

If tax breaks were the old way to do economic development, creating great places is the new way.

On Tuesday, June 28, we’ll release Amazing Place, which details how six cities are using a place-based approach to economic development. Register to join us for the online kickoff discussion about the new report:

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As part of this research, we’ll look at Boise, Denver, Greenville, Minneapolis, Nashville, and Pittsburgh—six cities that are all using smart growth strategies to help grow their economies.

Amazing Place
will look at exactly what strategies those cities are using, and provide ideas for communities anywhere to do place-based economic development of their own. Register for the kickoff discussion on June 28 to learn more.