Laura Jackson of Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield on creating healthier communities

Smart Growth America’s Local Leaders Council recently spoke with Laura Jackson, an Executive Vice President of Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, to get her perspective on why smart growth strategies should be a priority for the health care industry and how the way we build communities can help abate rising health care costs and improve public health.

“Smart growth practices are a way to help people understand that there are certain things you can do, either low cost or no cost in many cases in communities, to live a longer healthier life,” says Jackson.

Jackson points to walkability as a crucial aspect of a healthy community. As she puts it, “[if you aren’t living in a walkable neighborhood], your community is probably shaving years off your life because it’s not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.”

Watch the video above to hear more about how smart growth strategies can improve public health. This video is part of the Local Leaders Council’s “Meet the Experts” video series, which provides information for local leaders interested in learning more about smart growth strategies. Join our mailing list to learn more.

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