LIVE: Community as Corporation, Talent Retention Strategies for Sustainable Growth

“Low-status” communities across America have remained economically stagnant for decades, despite billions of annual government and philanthropic investment dollars supporting education, health, and economic development. Instead of transforming into economically vibrant and socially inclusive communities, they have become architectural and transit bargains ripe for displacement, or repositories for “affordable rental housing” where concentrated poverty ensures less success and more costs of all kinds. During the 2018 LOCUS Leadership Summit, Majora Carter will present a “Talent-Retention Strategy based in lifestyle infrastructure ahead of typical development curves that may provide answers.”

Watch Monday’s welcoming remarks, originally aired live on YouTube, from LOCUS Director Christopher Coes, LOCUS President Jair Lynch and Oxford, MS Mayor Robyn Tannehill, followed by the keynote from Majora Carter, a leading urban revitalization strategy consultant, real estate developer, and Peabody Award winning broadcaster.