National Complete Streets Coalition Will Incorporate as Official Program of Smart Growth America

In an effort to ensure the continued growth and widespread support for Complete Streets policies, the National Complete Streets Coalition’s steering committee recently approved a proposal to incorporate the coalition as an official program of Smart Growth America (SGA), the only organization dedicated to researching, advocating for and leading coalitions to bring smart growth practices to more communities nationwide. The change will take effect July 1.

“The Coalition has had spectacular success as an ad-hoc group for seven years,” said Barbara McCann, who founded the Coalition. “Now it needs a more formal and sustainable structure to better serve the growth of Complete Streets.”

Concurrent with the Coalition’s move to SGA, which has served as its fiscal host since 2006, McCann will resign from her position as executive director. She plans to write a book about the Complete Streets movement, which has helped hundreds of jurisdictions commit to routinely building safer, more inclusive roads.

“Barbara has done a great job engaging so many organizations in the pursuit of Complete Streets and we know she will continue to provide value to the movement,” said SGA President and CEO Geoffrey Anderson. “Complete Streets are a vital component of strong, vibrant neighborhoods and adding the Coalition as an SGA program aligns with our goal of making communities work for everyone. This is something that goes beyond safety and access and speaks to the need to develop towns and cities in ways that improve quality of life, enhance economic futures and create great places to live and work.”

Roger Millar, SGA vice president and director of SGA’s Leadership Institute, will head the Coalition, and long-time Coalition State and Local Policy Manager Stefanie Seskin will be promoted to deputy director. The Coalition’s Steering Committee groups will continue to fund a significant portion of the staff’s work, as well as using their own resources to work for adoption and implementation of Complete Streets policies at the local, state, and federal level.

“We expect this evolution to strengthen the Coalition,” said Coalition Chair Rich Weaver, who serves as the Director of Planning, Policy and Sustainability at the American Public Transportation Association. “It has already energized Steering Committee members to step up and renew their commitment to supporting the spread of polices that make the streets safe for everyone.”

Download the news release (.pdf).

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