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TODresources.org is home to a trove of information about equitable transit-oriented development projects from across the country. These resources showcase the best, most innovate approaches to TOD nationwide.

We want to better highlight those strategies and help more people across the country use them in the year to come. One way we’re doing that is by starting a weekly newsletter all about best practices in TOD.

This is the inaugural edition of that newsletter, and we’re excited to share it with you. In this edition we’re taking a look at right sized parking calculators in King County, WA and Washington, DC.

We look forward to highlighting more projects and resources about TOD each week. If you have a suggestion for something to highlight, email us at [email protected].

Right sized parking calculators

How much parking does a multifamily building need? How do parking fees influence usage rates? And how does walkability or access to transit impact parking needs?

Two right sized parking calculators—one based on data from King County, WA and one based on data from Washington, DC—can help estimate the answers to these questions. The calculators are based on local data of actual parking use. Users can select scenarios and view the influence on parking/unit ratios by adjusting the model inputs.

The data in these calculators are specific to King County and Washington, but they hold lessons for any TOD project. With updated context-sensitive information on parking demand, cities can regulate development in ways that meet local and regional goals, and developers can create housing near transit that’s more affordable. The tools can help TOD project staff weigh all the factors impacting parking demand, and make more-informed decisions about the proper provision of parking.

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