New resources for energy and climate issues

Climate and Energy page
The Energy and Climate page explores the connection between energy independence, climate change, and how it all relates to smart growth.
You can download the new fact sheet on “The Link to Energy Security and Climate Change” on that page as well.

Want to learn more about energy, climate change, and sustainability? We’ve got a couple of valuable resources for you.

Check out our newly-launched Energy and Climate page over on the main site. We’ve compiled some of the key resources that describe the link between how we grow, how much we drive as a result, and how it affects our thirst for energy and the effect on the changing climate.

We’ve got some key congressional testimony posted, as well as some nifty graphs and charts that track the growth by state in Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT — expect to see that acronym often.)

Remember the landmark study, Growing Cooler? You can easily find that report and its related resources there. Soon we’ll have a powerpoint presentation on Growing Cooler posted, complete with a script, that you can download and use for presentations of your own on the subject.

Lastly, we’ve made a detailed two-page fact sheet (with sources) that goes into detail on the link between our built environment and emissions/energy needs. It’s a more detailed version of the narrative you’ll see on the Energy and Climate page, with citable facts and data. That fact sheet is there for you, so feel free to download and email it, or print it out and pass it out at your next event. You can even remove our logo, repackage the information, and spread it around however you like.

We’re just getting this page rolling, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to offer them up in the comments here.