Past Nuclear Communities Events

The Nuclear Communities team has hosted a number of virtual events that cover topics ranging from the technical process of nuclear plant decommissioning, to funding tools for nuclear host communities, and to economic resiliency planning for areas that are affected by the closure of a plant. These events offer opportunities for peer nuclear host communities to connect with one another, sharing experiences and best practices, while also showing communities that they are not alone.

Watch recordings from our past events

Nuclear Closure Communities Forum (2022)

The Nuclear Closure Communities Forum placed the issue of nuclear decommissioning in a national context and brought together communities from across the country for a series of engaging discussions around the various impacts that host communities and regions experience when a local nuclear facility shuts down.

During the Forum, speakers shared insights from the field on a wide range of socioeconomic impacts of closure; the nuts and bolts of the decommissioning process; prioritizing meaningful, consistent community engagement in planning; and the importance of early planning for a successful economic transition.

You can view the recordings of the Forum here, and read a recap of the event here. If you have any additional questions about the Nuclear Communities Forum or about the Nuclear Technical Assistance team, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Midwest Nuclear Economic Resilience Conference (2022)

For many nuclear host communities, a nuclear power plant is the foundation of their economy, with a significant portion of local tax revenue, high-wage employees, and population linked to the plant’s operation. When these plants close, host communities are often left socioeconomically stranded. In November 2022, Smart Growth America’s Nuclear Communities Team hosted a conference to help these communities plan for the future.

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Economic Resilience in Energy Host Communities: A Nuclear Communities Forum (2023)

In September 2023, the Nuclear Communities Technical Assistance team hosted the virtual event Building Economic Resilience in Energy Host Communities: A Nuclear Communities Forum. The event was split into two days and covered topics including economic development, from economic diversification and development to community engagement and what to expect for nuclear host communities in the future. The Nuclear Communities team and 15 fantastic speakers provided an overview of the current environment for energy host communities.

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