Particpate in a poll on health and the built environment

In case you’re interested, we received this survey from a doctoral student studying the links between the built environment of the city and the health of its residents. The survey is more specifically about transportation preferences and why people use the ones that they do:

This survey should take about 15 minutes. The goals of this survey are to examine characteristics of people who drive, take the bus or ride a bike to work and why people have chosen their current form of transportation. Your responses are completely confidential (the survey never asks for any information that could be used to identify you). By completing this survey you are implying consent to use your information for research purposes. Participation in this research is completely voluntary.


Please do NOT take this survey if any of the following apply to you:

You’re under the age of 18.

You do not work outside of the home.

You have already taken this survey.


Thank you for your time, please feel free to invite others to participate in this survey.

You can take the survey by clicking here.