Partnership in the News: Flint Gets First New Master Plan in Over 50 Years

The last master plan for Flint, Michigan was crafted when General Motors was prominent, the city was thriving, and the demands of a growing workforce and population needed to be met. Now, reports The Flint Journal – –

Fast-forward 50 years and Flint is facing the opposite struggle — jobs are gone, homes are empty, people are leaving — and community leaders are poised to craft a new master plan that will attempt to point the city in a new direction.

It will be the first time the city will have a comprehensive look at its former industrial and now-vacant properties, officials said.

Using federal funds awarded in 2010, through a Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Challenge grant, Flint will undertake a three-year process to align the city’s resources with the needs of members of the community.

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