Partnership in the News: Helena, MT among 2012 recipients of EPA grant

Helena, MT has been selected to receive an EPA Greening America’s Capitals grant in an effort to address the future of Last Chance Gulch, Helena’s mainstreet.

“It’s just been difficult to figure out how to make the most important historic mile in the state of Montana (a) sustainable, (b) multi-use and multi-purpose, (c) accessible to our business community and merchants here in town, and (d) how to revitalize it so that it might include any number of other uses including residences along the gulch, or uses for non-motorized people,” said Helena Mayor Jim Smith.

The city hopes to solve these issues with the grant.

Frankfort, Kentucky; Des Moines, Iowa; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Indianapolis, Inndiana also received grants for similar efforts.

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