Partnership in the News: Ranson, West Virginia Unanimously Adopts New Plan and Zoning for Future Growth

At a recent meeting of the Ranson City Council, members unanimously approved proposals that were two years in the making, adopting a new Comprehensive Plan and zoning code that will guide growth and development in the area for years to come. In all, 640 acres of Old Town Ranson and 1,000 acres of greenfield properties will be rezoned. Ranson, a rural town on the edge of the Baltimore-Washington region and the recipient of a HUD Community Challenge grant through the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, is starting to create a comprehensive plan for regional growth. Ranson Mayor A. David Hamill says about the proposals:

“There was never any doubt that these measures would pass into law. That’s because, from the beginning, we involved everybody- property owners, business people, developers, and elected officials from both Ranson and Charles Town. We all had a hand in turning our ideas into plans and ordinances. By making them law, we’re signaling to our partners in the federal agencies that funded the planning and to those considering investment in our region that we’re ready for a new era.”

For more on the Ranson and Charles Town Comprehensive Plan, visit their site.

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