Partnership in the News: Sustain Southern Maine wins over more residents

On Monday, October 15, Sustain Southern Maine, a recipient of a HUD Regional Planning grant, held an informational meeting in Eliot, Maine to  inform residents of their planning efforts and invite the community to participate. Sustain Southern Maine is a coalition of municipalities, non-profit organizations, and businesses working to generate positive regional development.

In light of the challenges being faced by Southern Maine communities, including lack of quality educational and employment opportunities, limited housing options, dependence on oil for heating homes and motor vehicle transportation, insufficient infrastructure for sewer, water, telecommunications and other services, and lack of services for the elderly, Sustain Southern Maine aims to promote public transportation, affordable housing, economic competitiveness, preservation of local character, and the coordination of land-use policies and investment.

So far, Sustain Southern Maine has identified 10 “Centers of Opportunity” that they are focusing on to identify appropriate strategies and initiatives to address concerns that affect residents across the region. The organization’s ultimate vision is for a more sustainable region, both economically and environmentally, while taking a look at how the area can preserve its character and resources.

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