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“The National Brownfields Coalition is the foremost brownfield advocacy organization in Washington DC and across the nation. Well-respected by lawmakers, they provide sound policy guidance on brownfield issues and the critical role that government plays in incentivizing brownfield reuse and community revitalization. I believe there is a role in the National Brownfields Coalition for all brownfield stakeholders, creating one cohesive voice to speak to grassroots redevelopment on a national scale.”

Joel Markland, President, BCA Environmental Consultants, LLC

If you’re interested in joining the Coalition, please fill out this NBC Membership Survey or reach out to our coordinator at [email protected]. Upon completing the survey, we will guide you through the next steps and get you started with the Coalition.

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The National Brownfields Coalition is a non-partisan alliance of public interest organizations, academics, as well as public and private sector professionals who develop and advocate for policies and practices that support the responsible cleanup and reuse of underutilized, blighted, or environmentally impacted land. Our mission is to educate, advocate, and convene stakeholders nationally to advance the social, economic, public health, environmental, and quality of life benefits of environmental cleanup and reuse for all communities.

There has never been a better time to be part of the National Brownfields Coalition. Join our passionate team to realize significant gains in legislation, appropriations and policies that revitalize our communities through land reuse. NBC membership at any level offers the opportunity to participate in our five active committees working to achieve our brownfields goals.

Whether a private company, public agency, non-profit organization or academic institution, partners of the National Brownfields Coalition shape the federal policies that help clean up and reuse blighted, underutilized, or contaminated land equitably and cost-effectively.

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